Dreamwork Group: Explore the Meanings of Your Dreams

Gain insights and increase your understanding of yourself with online groups led by a trained Jungian Dreamwork facilitator.



Access the language of your dreams to make deeper connections about yourself.


Do you ever wonder what your dreams really mean?

Almost all cultures—from ancient civilizations to the present—have shown a fascination in understanding dreams. For instance, some ancient civilizations saw dreams as communications with the gods.

Today, we look to our dreams for symbolic content and connections to help us understand ourselves and our conscious reality.

Yet, the world of dreams can feel mysterious.

It can be challenging to fully understand and interpret your dreams on your own.

However, you can explore the messages and insights hidden in your dreams with Jungian dreamwork groups.


Gain Multiple Perspectives To Help You Reflect And Understand Your Dreams.

Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, believed that our dreams provided a way for our unconscious mind to communicate with our conscious mind.

Jung also believed that the symbols in our dreams could have many meanings. That’s why it’s essential to maintain an open mind and explore your dreams from different perspectives.

That’s one reason why dreamwork groups are such a powerful dream interpretation tool.

How a dreamwork group works.

Joining a dreamwork group allows you to explore the world of your unconscious, so you can make meaningful connections about your conscious life.

Dreamwork groups help you connect and build a community with other like-minded people. You and other group members will work toward the greater purpose of understanding yourself and each other better.

During a dreamwork group session, you’ll:

  • Learn to recall your dreams
  • Share your dream and personal associations with the group
  • Listen to feedback and thoughts from the group and the facilitator
  • Imagine alternative perspectives and approaches to the dream together with the group
  • Explore possible personal, cultural, and archetypal meanings
  • Listen and assist other members in accessing and exploring their dreams

As a trained Jungian dreamwork facilitator, I’m honored to help people access the language and meaning of their dreams.

I believe that dreams guide people. Our dreams come from deep within us and pull from our inner wisdom.

I’m here to facilitate that process and help you translate the information that’s coming from your unconscious mind.

My training at the C.G. Jung Institute in San Francisco and my experience working with dreams as a Jungian therapist has provided me with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to help people explore the meanings of their dreams through dreamwork groups.

As the facilitator, I create a safe space for all members to actively share and explore their dreams without judgment.

I’ll guide discussions and ensure that everyone can participate. Additionally, all members will have time to share their thoughts and insights—whether about their dream or other members’ dreams.

Who can benefit from dreamwork groups?

Dreamwork groups can help adults and young adults who are:

  • Open to exploring their dreams
  • Willing to collaborate with other group members
  • Interested in learning more about themselves by understanding the language of their dreams

You can join an existing dreamwork group or create a group with friends or family.

Ideally, groups have four to six members. Having a small group helps everyone get to know each other, build a community among members, and ensures there’s time for people to share their dreams.

Join Other Like-Minded People To Explore The Language Of Dreams Through My Jungian Dreamwork Groups.

Gain access to your unconscious mind, start making connections, and learn from your inner wisdom through dreams.

Learn More About Jungian Dreamwork.


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