Develop a Deeper Understanding
of Yourself with Online Jungian Therapy

Move beyond symptom management and get to the root of your problems with my online Jungian therapy in California.



Jungian therapy helps you gain insights into your true self for in-depth healing.

Jungian therapy, developed by Carl Jung, uses specialized talk therapy approaches to help you get to the source of the issue that is troubling you and make a change.

Instead of focusing only on symptom management, you will explore the deep-rooted causes of problems, which helps you develop:

  • Clarity in your relationships
  • Emotional balance
  • Richer, more authentic interpersonal connections
  • In-depth understanding of your true or ‘real’ self instead of how you present to the outside world
  • Answers and perspective on questions, such as exploring the meaning and purpose of your life

A key element of this therapy is helping you increase your awareness of unconscious factors impacting your life.

As you gain increased insights, you will achieve harmony between your current and past self, allowing a more complete understanding of your “real” self.

Jungian Therapy Helps You Get To The Source Of Your Mental Health Issue Or Life Problem.


Jungian therapy’s analytical talk-therapy approach can help you work through:

  • Anxiety and fears
  • Feeling frustrated or angry without fully understanding the reason why
  • Stress
  • Questions about your life’s purpose or meaning
  • Relationship issues
  • Feeling ‘lost’ or directionless in your life
  • Emotions related to life transitions, such as entering a new stage of life
  • Depression

You don’t need to have a diagnosable mental health issue to benefit from this form of therapy. This type of therapy is effective at helping people gain a greater understanding and connection with themselves, so you can create the fulfilling life you desire.


Jungian therapy can help you get to the source of your problems, so you can gain insights into your true self.

During our individual online therapy sessions, I’ll create a safe and comfortable space for you so you can get to the root of your presenting issue or situation.

Together, we will uncover unconscious factors interfering with your ability to resolve the problems you’re facing. We’ll also explore past experiences that may be impacting you currently with the goal of better understanding your whole self and finding balance.

During this process, you’ll gain insights into your ‘real’ self, providing you with emotional balance, a greater understanding of your relationships, and helping you move toward the life you want to live.

Move Beyond Symptom Management To Uncover The Root Of Your Problems And Heal.

My Jungian therapy approach is tailored to your specific needs, so you can achieve your therapeutic goals. Schedule your free consultation call or contact me for more information.

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